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Annihilation Bits

So in the course of running the Annihilation Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, despite the fact that I’m running the event to cut down on prep time, and we’re using established characters to cut down on campaign work, I still ended up making up a datafile and a a couple of sets of milestones. I have one player that may

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In Honor of Loki’s New Series (Marvel Heroic)

Loki’s getting his own series.  To commemorate that momentous announcement, I thought I’d throw together a couple of milestones for Marvel Heroic that represent Loki as a player hero.  These are “general” Loki milestones, not particularly tied to his current, de-aged version or even tied to a particular time period, so if you want Loki running around in your home

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Mindful of the End of All Things (A Set of Milestones for Elderstahl’s Wielder)

One of my players did a wonderful thing by explaining what one of his characters  (Doctor Strange) was planning on doing about Elderstahl and it’s status.  This immediately made me think of a set of milestones for this powerset, which could be used for any powerset that has a dangerous downside and isn’t native to the character. This Terrible Burden1

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I Know I Haven’t Done Milestones in a While . . . (Potential Spoilers for Spider-Man 700)

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted Milestones.  To be honest, while I love comics, there are a lot of similar themes, so it’s hard to keep coming up with unique Milestones every week.  Then a comic comes along that has at least a somewhat unique angle one the progression of a hero’s journey, and, BAM!  Inspiration for more

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Milestones (Week of 10/27/12)

I’m not even going to pretend that I forgot it wasn’t Wednesday this time around.  I did, however, get a few comics this week, so let’s get into the fray with some milestones that popped into the dark, echoing recesses of my Watcher brain as I read them. We’ll start with the first issue of the new Punisher War Zone

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In the Wee Hours of the Morning, I Remember What Wednesday Was Like (Wednesday Milestones, Slightly Late)

Its that time again  (it’s actually well past that time) when we look at the Marvel Universe as seen through the comics that came out this past Wednesday, and then mercilessly strip mine them for ideas for milestones. Our first stop on our tour of the Marvel Universe on Wednesday is a trip to outer space and a look at

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