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Radioactive Roud Pegs in Square Holes–D&D, Inspiration, and Context (Overview)

As usual, the discussion on Misdirected Mark is inspiring and great. In this instance, the inspiration for this post comes from the game discussion in Misdirected Mark 315–Four Structures. While it wasn’t the main discussion, what came up was the unintended subtext that comes from Dungeons and Dragons. Rightly, I believe, D&D does have a subtext of racism and colonialism.

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Radioactive Round Pegs in Square Holes–D&D, Inspiration, and Context (Playing Monstrous Player Characters)

This article was originally inspired by the Down with D&D Episode 148, “Monstrous Races Part 1,” which was examining the then current Unearthed Arcana article that presented centaurs and minotaurs as playable PC characters in D&D. These rules have since been incorporated into the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. In the episode, they ask the question, “why play monstrous races?” You

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Radioactive Square Pegs in Round Holes–D&D, Inspiration, and Context (The Problem with Drow)

First off, the concept of dark elves probably comes at least partially from Norse mythology, and the term drow probably derives from the Scottish term trow–but actual details about dark elves or trow from these sources are thin, and in both of these sources, elves, dwarves, and trolls are all things that could kind of be the same thing.  Essentially,

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