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What Do I Know About My Campaign? Star Trek Adventures Session 0.5

My gaming group had a Session .5 this past Sunday, spending about an hour going over character creation information out loud with one another before starting a scenario. Our crew currently includes: Lieutenant Dodrac Ryss, Klingon Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Cassandra Cassidy, Human (Cyborg) Chief of Security Commander Kalos Hagen, Betazoid Executive Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Roya Dibiri, Human (Transplanted

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Narrative Generic Trek is Not a (Professionally Produced) Thing

The more I read through RPGs like Marvel Heroic, various Apocalypse World derived games, and Fate games, the more I am convinced that the feel and flow of various properties are definitely encapsulated better by more narrative oriented roleplaying games. I think Star Wars does well in a more traditional framework, because heroes shoot back or run from danger, use

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