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Awakening Custom Skills (Custom Skills for FFG’s Star Wars Roleplaying Games)

Upon recently thinking about the Force Awakens, a few custom skills popped into my head. These were inspired by very specific events in the movie, and their level of utility might vary, depending on the situations and rules your group generally encounters. Custom Skill: Luck (Willpower)Some people are just born lucky, but the more they push their boundaries, the more

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In Defense of Metaplot: Living in a Comfortable Universe

Yesterday I saw the following thought provoking post pop up a few times in my Google+ feed: http://readthedamnbook.blogspot.com/2015/03/can-players-kill-luke-skywalker-or.html  . . . and after having read it, even though it does not turn out to be completely negative in regards to canon and metaplot, I felt as if I had to write something on this same topic. The first thing I

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