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Team Besh Implosion! Now with 100% Fewer Black Holes (Edge of the Empire 10-18-13)

So, Team Besh was on a space station.  Things were going well.  Okay, that’s not true, but they all survived the vicious space pirate takeover of the base and all was right with the galaxy.  Well, maybe not.  Anyway . . . Garner continues to shock the Defel assassin every few minutes.  The station administrator wants him turned over, until

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Catching Up with Honest Cid (Team Aurek, Edge of the Empire 10-10-13)

What was Team Aurek doing while Team Besh was fighting pirates on a locked down space station?  Well, tension was running pretty high from the Force sensitive exile using her powers fairly publicly on Cadomai Prime, the group finding a top secret Imperial weapons test, and Tor’Waar killing Mining Guild guards and posting the images to the Holonet for his

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Catching Up with Honest Cid (Team Besh), the Beginning (Edge of the Empire, 10-3-2013)

When last we saw Team Besh, they were landing on the Skymaster V22 R3 Station in the the Tapani sector after their harrowing escape from both Zann Consortium raiders and a black hole.  Things could only get better from that set of circumstances, correct? Team Besh checked in at the station, and then all Hell broke lose. Dia almost flashed

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Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, Tales of Team Besh, Episode II (Edge of the Empire RPG, 9-19-13)

Because the skills of Team Besh seem to run towards the subtle more than Team Aurek’s, and because they had a lower total Obligation, making them less galactic pariahs than Team Aurek, Team Besh got the “diplomatic” mission to the Tapani Sector to rub shoulders with Sir Cid Ybom’s sponsors in House Cadriaan, along with other Tapani nobles. Here’s how

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