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Catching Up with Honest Cid (Team Aurek, Edge of the Empire 10-10-13)

What was Team Aurek doing while Team Besh was fighting pirates on a locked down space station?  Well, tension was running pretty high from the Force sensitive exile using her powers fairly publicly on Cadomai Prime, the group finding a top secret Imperial weapons test, and Tor’Waar killing Mining Guild guards and posting the images to the Holonet for his

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Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, Tales of Team Aurek, Episode II (Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, 8-12-13)

Just a wee bit behind on the recaps for the Edge of the Empire games, due in no small part to the fact that I’m running them weekly, even if each team is only present every other week.  Excuses firmly in place, let’s jump to the recap for the second adventure of Team Aurek. Tor’waar the Wookiee is is bad

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