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What Do I Know About My Campaign? Tales from the Old Margreve Campaign Journal #11

With the holidays and juggling schedules, it has been a little bit since we updated the campaign journal, so let’s look in on what our adventurers have been doing for our last session of our Tales of the Old Margreve game. This time around, there wasn’t much prep to do, because we finished up halfway through our adventure. If you

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What Do I Know About My Campaign? Star Trek Adventures Session 0.5

My gaming group had a Session .5 this past Sunday, spending about an hour going over character creation information out loud with one another before starting a scenario. Our crew currently includes: Lieutenant Dodrac Ryss, Klingon Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Cassandra Cassidy, Human (Cyborg) Chief of Security Commander Kalos Hagen, Betazoid Executive Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Roya Dibiri, Human (Transplanted

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What Do I Know About My Campaign? Tales From the Old Margreve Campaign Journal #10

  Goodness, we’re already closing in on another session of my Tales of the Old Margreve game, and as such, I should probably look towards getting my most recent summary of our last session written up. If you happen to be following these and have any questions, please let me know. I would be happy to talk about these summaries

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