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At the Table: The Breakout is Over . . . Liberation in the Savage Land! (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)

The bullet points version of this session: Doctor Strange sees a vision of an army of Destroyer like constructs marching across the globe, and a vision of a burning sword. Doctor Strange pops in on our captured heroes in Magneto’s abandoned fortress, where Sauron and his Savage Land Mutates are holding court. Wolverine and Deadpool start with the emotional assaults

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At The Table: The Breakout Rolls On (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)

Last Thursday my Google+ gaming group played another session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, using the Breakout Event as our jumping off point  (I’ve tweaked a few things here and there to taste, and to react to the players). Highlights A squadron of SHIELD jets attempted to intercept the quinjet on it’s way to the Savage Land.  They weren’t going to

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Thursday Night Gaming–Marvel Heroic Session Three

Last Thursday we had yet another session of our Marvel Heroic session, featuring my modified version of the Breakout event from the Basic Game.  We picked up two new players, and our current Avengers roster stands at: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, with the Thing as a reserve member  (not accepting a full time posting) and Wolverine still

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